About Ben


I’ve been a radio presenter for 10 years….bascially it’s a hobby that’s got out of hand.


I started out in student radio winning demo factor, then came local radio firstly in Southampton and later Birmingham, with my national call up to Absolute Radio in London coming last year.

I’m a voiceover artist for clients such as Celador, The NHS and Bauer Media. I also enjoy a live event, previously I’ve hosted the whole of Godiva Festival to 20,000 people as well as many corporate bits (as you can see from the video below, I love an excuse to buy a new blazer).

Here’s a minute of stuff I’ve done in 2017:

Here I am talking on the radio:

I’m sorry there’s so much of my face on this page….

Here’s my voiceover reel:

Also FYI: No relation to Paul.

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