About Ben


My name’s Ben, I’m a national radio presenter on Absolute Radio and a voiceover artist who’s worked for Celador, The NHS and Bauer Media.

My live events work consists of presenting the whole of Godiva Festival to 20,000 people as well as many corporate events. (As you can see from the photo below, I love a good confetti cannon).

I also blog about music, radio, coffee and anything else I like the look of.

Here’s my radio timeline:

2005-2008: University Radio Pure FM

2008-2010: Play Radio Southampton

2010-2013: The Breeze Southampton

2013-2016: Free Radio Birmingham

2016-Present: Absolute Radio London

There people are NOT ME:

My nickname is not ‘munky’ and i’m not based on the isle off man 

I am not a visual artist who’s worked on an obscure Russian film about kidknpped Mormons

I did not die in Yazoo City in 2015

Also FYI: No relation to Paul

Say Hello:

Radio and Voiceover enquiries speak to my agent Chris

Anything else say Hello

Ben x