Good news! I have a new job….but sadly this means the weekend late show is no more. I’ve loved doing that little show it was a lot of fun and even when it was a bit rubbish (many, many times), I still enjoyed it immensely – thanks for listening!!

So what now? Well…..here’s where it gets complicated (for all the non-radio geeks). I’m moving to Free Radio Coventry and Warwickshire to do the 4-7pm slot. Free radio is a network made up of various stations across the west mids, sometimes those stations take network shows (usually out of peak hours such as Late night and evenings) and at other times the shows are local. Before I was on a network show, now it’s focused on Coventry and Warwickshire. So it’s not going out across the whole of the midlands, but it’s a much better slot (5 days a week at peak times).

Basically all this guff means you can still listen if you’re in Cov and Warwickshire on the radio, but if you’re in Birmingham, the Black Country and Herefordshire etc then if you really want to listen then you’ll have to online!

That out the way…i’m really excited because Free radio has some great shows on in my time slot, such as Jo and Sparky in Birmingham, one of my favourite shows on the wireless ANYWHERE. So it’s a real pleasure to be working alongside people like that. Also from experance It’s a great time to be on air and means I FINALLY have my weekends free (I haven’t not worked weekends for the whole time I’ve been with my girlfriend – she’s already planning day trips everywhere!).

So join me if you can, the new show starts Monday 10th Feb Free Radio Coventry and Warwickshire.

Better get planning…….