The rain outside is pelting down and the wind is howling, I look at the alarm clock next to my bed, it says ‘2:32’. But I’m wide awake…..

I never sleep well before a new show and this time is no different, it’s not worry or angst, it’s more excitement and the fact you actually get to put some ideas you’ve been working on (sometimes for weeks) into practice.

I’m now doing drive on free radio Coventry and Warwickshire, the first week is over and it actually went ok.

Show number 1 in a new run is always interesting, I knew the first thing I needed to do on Monday was to get ‘me’ across. I needed to convey what I find funny, what the style of the show is and the recurring features. And I just had to be ME, I always felt it’s better to get everything on the table so people can make up their minds on the real you. I’d rather someone turn off because they didn’t like me, than turn off because they didn’t like the diet coke version of me.

This is why I decided to start the show with a mini monologue summing up the days events (something I carried over from my last weekend show) it wasn’t the funniest or slickest link, but I feel it did the job of introducing me. This was followed by a little ‘get to know me’ sketch (Below) and a new music review, another feature carried over to the new show.

All did their job, I mean it was hardly a slam dunk first show…but decent none the less. The main issue was a lack of interaction, listeners it would appear need to be won over before they get in contact with you. It was slow on Monday and Tuesday, really slow. I think we had about 4/5 texts on the whole of Monday’s show….dreadful! But Wednesday was better with everything peaking on Thursday as texts were constant (and even appearing when I didn’t solicit for them). By Friday many of them were calling me by name and we started to have regular correspondence from the same people, who will hopefully become regular listeners.

So not a bad first week. It got better after a slightly stilted start, now well into week number 2 i’m slowly starting to get it together… just trying to not balls it up in week 3!