When I left Uni I made a list of things I wanted to do in my career, ‘Do a show on national radio’ and ‘Do a show on Absolute Radio’ where Number 1 and 2 on that list.

After last Saturday I can finally cross them off!

After an interesting walk through London’s (not so) glamorous Soho in the early hours of the morning (which was a sight to behold), I spent 4 hours talking rubbish on national radio. Texts flew in from Somerset, Newcastle, London, Manchester, Scotland…(SCOTLAND!?) A friend I went to school messaged me on asking who i’d slept with to get on that station, another took a photo of the SKY EPG then followed with the message 2mins later ‘turned off, CBeebies has replaced you’ my mum even put a proud mum status on Facebook.

Before I knew it I was having pancakes with a full english, in the morning sunshine with my soon to be wife. That’s what my Saturdays will be like for the summer as I cover whilst the football is on pre-season and we all try and process that Leicester win.

Self congratulatory post OVER

Here’s how it sounded: