Every Sunday morning at 4:45am I climb into a cab bound for another hard day’s work (2 hours of playing records). Every week it’s a different driver and because I’m the sort of bornig person who can’t stop thinking about their work, I’m always interested to see what radio station they have on.


Finally we have an answer to the question we’ve all spent hours wrestling with, ‘What’s the favourite station of cab drivers that go from Sydenham (SE LDN) to Soho at 4:45am?’. Well wonder no more…

As you can see from the high tech recoding device above (the notes section of the iPhone), it’s an interesting picture.

No radio at all stands worryingly high, where as Radio 1 and 2 don’t even exist in this early morning world of South East London travel.

The Capital Weekender is clearly a big hit, which is great but basically means I have to wave goodbye to my all important cab nap.

Elsewhere Absolute scores pretty well, which is horrific. Don’t get me wrong I love the station I work on, but at that time it’s ME on air (pre-recorded). I’m locked in a metal box listening to myself prattle on about the new catfish single, all the time muttering to myself ‘that could have been better’. What’s worse is when the driver makes conversation while I’m on, I end up adding a brummie lilt to my accent to distance myself from the man on the wireless, one driver even turned me down during one link. Don’t blame you mate.

Anyway all this has left quite the sour taste, it would appear more cab drivers in the place I live would rather sit in silence in the cold, dark, unbearable early mornings than listen to any radio of any description.

That makes for real job satisfaction.

Boring post over