‘Ben, I’d love to know what you’re istening to right now’ is something I’m always never asked.

However, you might like some of these too so feel free to hit play:

Matadors – ‘Trumpet of Conscience’

A guy in Manchester making brilliant retro sounding tunes from his bedroom

You’ll like if: You crave for a 60’s/70’s sound that isn’t a crap imitation. Also if you like the La’s
You won’t like if: You are only interested in the next new thing

Neon Waltz – ‘Perfect Frame’

We get it Ben you like them, stop banging on about them….true, but the new single is pretty good.

You’ll like if:  You like psychedelic indie or The Stone Roses/The Coral,
You won’t like if: you’re pleased indie died when The Kooks went big

Stormzy – ‘Blinded by Your Grace PT2’

Grime star and everyone’s favourite man of the moment has done a power ballad Celine would be proud of

You’ll like if: You secretly love power ballads but want to retain some cool
You won’t like if: You’re already fed up of hearing his name everywhere

Ryan Adams – ‘Tightrope’

The best song from his latest album, which is his best LP since the Love is Hell/Cold Roses era. Also that sax part is pretty special

You’ll like if: if you love singer songwriter magic
You won’t like if: You want a summer tune to bounce along to

Wintermyer – ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’

Really enjoying this bands singes so far, they have a jazz/electronic sound that is quite addictive. Here they’ve decided to cover a classic with a nice little makeover, why not?

You’ll like if: You’re desperate for Mr. Hudson and The Library to make a comeback or you like the idea of jazz without the weird bits
You won’t like if: You love jazz because of the weird bits