We’ve all have that terrible feeling of not knowing what to wear

The trendy friends who got married abroad and are now having wedding drinks in a cool bar
The date straight after work
The big job interview

They’re all bad enough….But last week I hit the mother load, a photo shoot. in fact two photo shoots back to back, one in a studio AND one outside on the mean streets

The resulting image will be used on a website that gets thousands of hits daily – no pressure then.

I’m a radio presenter for Absolute Radio and worryingly it’s my photo splashed across their homepage for 4 hours whenever I’m on. ‘Wear what you want’ they said, ‘just make it casual but not too casual, just cool’. The panic started shortly after those words were uttered and didn’t stop until I stumbled upon Thread.

Thread helps you dress well without trying, they have a stylist on tap to offer advice and plan an outfit for any occasion. Also I really like that you can search a load of different online shops (including ASOS) in one place rather than ‘doing the rounds’ across cyberspace.

My stylist was called Kasia and after a couple of messages detailing what I was looking for, we settled on a denim jacket and some new black Jeans with a couple of other ideas in reserve. What is great too is you can mark off what you already own in your ‘wardrobe section’ so your stylist knows what you need and what you can pair with what you already own.

Days later a big package marked with a T arrived with all my potential outfits, I tired everything on and sent back what didn’t work, as we suspected the denim jacket and black jeans fitted the brief.

Before I knew it I was in front of that camera in a back street in Shoreditch trying not to look like a rabbit in the headlights.I’ve had my fair share of work photo shoots but wearing something you are comfortable with and look good in made a real difference. I was so pleased I even used them for this website. (See the aforementioned rabbit in the headlights shot above)

Thanks Thread!

? LCD Soundsystem – ‘This is Happening’ 

? Sony NEX-5R