I wake up sweating with a pounding headache, the bedside alarm clock reads ‘7:38am’.

I went to bed five hours ago after too much red wine and too much dancing to early 00’s pop songs at a friends wedding, if there’s one thing the world my body needs right now, it’s the country’s highest concentration of caffeine in one area….Well thankfully the hangover gods are smiling upon me today because the London Coffee Festival beckons.

Arriving into the VIP bar there’s a buzz of chatter and the smell of sweet coffee hanging in the air, a DJ provides the soundtrack and there’s enough mood lighting to feel like you’ve stepped into a life sized Instagram filter.

Me and Mrs B (equally as hungover) grab lunch at the excellent pop-up Grind restaurant, where the first coffee of the day appears in the form of a cold brew. Instantly I feel I can operate once again as a human being, not the shell of a man I was in the hour before.

We spin round the Old Truman Brewery drinking all the free samples we can, feasting at the Hotel Chocolat stand, scoffing organic health bars (this is east London after all) and trying not to sound out of our depths when talking to coffee professionals.

There’s something for everyone from Starbucks to small independent roasters, from classes on how to perfect the ultimate espresso to the secret of latte art. Yes art, someone created a multi colored pirate ship out of milk. OUT OF MILK. I can’t draw a pirate ship on a bit of paper that looked that good.

The non-coffee bits on offer ware great too, local eateries turn out to showcase their menus and tea was more than represented too with a whole section dedicated to brewing up.

With the Hangover dispatched we have five minutes in the courtyard with…..you guessed it more coffee, before it’s time to jump on the overground home clutching a tote bag full of samples and free goodies.

Can I have this every hangover from now on please?

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