‘I’m only doing it if there’s a glitter cannon’

I will now be accepting every offer of work with that sentence after the fun of Demo Factor 2017.

As well as having fun it was also a big deal for me.

Just under 10 years ago I was sat in an SU bar in Bath in sheer terror. The final notes of a sugarbabes song had just rang around the room and I knew I was about to hear myself back announce that song and roll into a link about student voting.

Demo factor (if you didn’t know) is just that, your student radio demo gets played to a room full of fellow students and a panel of industry experts, it’s grown from that grey day in Bath to become a full on show. Somewhere along the line other judges were added alongside Demo Factor’s Simon Cowell – Chris North, who is now my agent. A presenter was introduced too firstly Adam Catterall then Vicki Blight. Both brilliant.

It was due to be Vicki again this year, but she had to pull out due to a knee problem. With 48 hours to go I got the call….It was terrifying and exciting in equal measures.

When I said full on show before I meant FULL ON show, lighting rig, ear piece, 3 camera set up, production gallery, etc – all a bit daunting. However as I was waiting in the wings to go on, I remembered how terrifying it was to be sat out there waiting for your demo to be played.

I was the one who had it easy.

The talent on show that night was incredible, every demo was good, more than half were brilliant. Sylvia a student from Verve Radio was the eventual winner, her demo was funny, cool and confident and deserved to get the golden buzzer.

The whole night just reminded me how brilliant student radio is, if you want to get into this amazing industry this is still the best way to do it!

Also it was a great excuse to buy a new jacket….