We’ve all uttered the following sentence to ourselves at some point in our life…

“I just wanna chill out in a one time underground public toilet where I can drink an Americano sat at a former urinal’.

Well your dreams have finally come…Oh really? OK. Just me then.

Let’s just get this out of the way at the start, YES this is a former public toilet, YES there are still hand dryers everywhere, YES you do sit at a bar of converted urinals and YES there is a cistern on the wall that watches over the whole cafe like some watery waste management angel.


It’s actually one of the best coffee shops in all of London Town. It would be even better if they cleaned the urinals but…THAT IS A JOKE, CHILL OUT AND STOP ANTI BAC-ING YOUR HANDS.The coffee at Attendant is all their own roast which is nice considering alot of places tend to share the same bean suppliers in central London, after a while you begin to taste the same coffee again and again.

Importantly it’s also better than alot of other coffee in the surrounding area. According to my extensive research (googling their website) they use ‘green beans’, which literally means nothing to me except to say ‘it tastes yummy’ (strong adjective game there Ben).  The point being that if the setting wasn’t already a fresh change to your normal coffee shop, then the good news is the coffee is too.

PRO TIP: If you buy some of their beans you get your latte/flat white/whatever you order for free.

In a world where every coffee shop is trying so hard to be cool, unique and quirky (just like your sisters tinder profile). Attendant manages to accomplish all three and so much more.

☕️ How Pretentious was it? Despite the setting and stuff on the walls, not too bad. Like a Casey Neistadt video, it’s hard to hate it when it’s this good.

☕️ Please god tell me there’s pastries and treats! OF COURSE. Bannana bread, Lemon and Rose Polenta cake and protein balls all on offer.

☕️ How many of those annoying bulbs without lamp shades dangling from the ceiling? NONE

☕️ Where? Fitzrovia. Foley Street

Overall 9.6/10 ?

? Soundtrack to the review: The Magic Whip – Blur // A guy in the queue saying ‘this used to be a piss parlour’….nice.

? Sony NEX-5R