‘Ben, I’d love to know what you’re istening to right now’ is something I’m always never asked.

However, you might like some of these too so feel free to hit play:

Haim – ‘Want You Back’

The all female Fleetwood Mac tribute act return! This continues the sound from the first record with a couple of nice additions.

You’ll like if: You loved their first album and want more of the same. 
You won’t like if: You’re pleased Fleetwood Mac stopped really being a thing in the late 80’s.

Danny star – ‘Elixir’

New singer/songwriter inspired by Alex Turner, Amy Winehouse and The Kooks…don’t let The Kooks bit put you off.

You’ll like if: You miss the days of good indie singer/songwriters. 
You won’t like if: You only care about what’s on Capital’s playlist.

Ginger Snaps – ‘Number Crunching’

New funktastic singer, imagine the British Beck in 2017.

You’ll like if: You’re googling Beck daily to see if he’s ANNOUNCED THAT BLOODY NEW ALBUM YET. WE’VE HAD 2 SINGLES ALMOST A YEAR APART. WHERE IS IT? (I’m fine….**googles Beck**).
You won’t like if: You didn’t know beck existed outside of ‘Loser’.

Ryan Adams – Broken Things

Ryan’s most recent album was brilliant, he’s released the b-sdes from the sessions, they’re almost as good.

You’ll like if: You loved the Prisoner LP and want more. 
You won’t like if: Bryan is your favourite of the Adams songwriters. 

Drake – ‘Passionfruit’

Old turtleneck gets all sensitive, the lyrics are brilliant snd the tune’s even better.

You’ll like if: You like it when Drake writes the equlivant of a 3am drunk text to your ex or   you loved it when he did ‘take care’. 
You won’t like if: You’re already sick of Drake after releasing an album, then a mixtape, then appearing in that clapping GIF every 5 mins on twitter.