The following is a true story…

Ben’s accountant Paul: All the expenses look fine so we’ll submit them.

Ben: ok great!

Ben’s accountant Paul: Oh, there was one actually….’Grind?’

Ben: that’s a coffee shop I go to sometimes to have meetings.

Ben’s accountant Paul: Oh, good…we thought it might be….a….’gentlemens’ club.

It says something about my accountant’s opinion of me that he thinks I’m dropping £6 in a strip club on a Thursday afternoon. Just to clarify I wasn’t….that’s more of a Tuesday thing….am I right?

Grind is actually a chain of independent coffee shops across London town, this review concerns the one in Covent Garden.

What I like most about Grind is it doesn’t feel it has to fit in with a lot of other coffee shops by going down the hipster route. They don’t bother with the whole ‘quirky’ Bicycle-on-the-wall or stuffed-owl-in-the-corner weird decor thing, instead they opt to go a little more classic. This is somewhere you could go for lunch with your parents, a drink with a date or for a work meeting (YOU HEAR THAT PAUL – A MEETING).

The coffee is all their own roast and is prepared in the Shoreditch Grind before being ferried out to the other sites. I opted for a Latte which was great, however that wasn’t the only thing that caught my eye on the menu…

After hours the whole place becomes a sleek looking cocktail bar and I couldn’t help but  sample the Espresso Martini. It was special, in fact it’s made my top 5 list.

Have I sat down and made a list of my favourite Espresso Martinis? YES.

No, you’ve got to much time on your hands.

?Espresso Martini top 5 ?

  1. Basement Bar – Bath
  2. Hyatt Grand Central – New York City
  3. The Vaults – Birmingham
  4. Your mum’s house
  5. Grind – Covent Garden

Importantly, unlike a lot of places like this it never feels like you’re having a coffee in a cocktail bar that opened early. Also it never feels like you’re having a night out in a coffee shop that’s stayed open late.

Couple of other things…there’s a huge neon sign featuring David Bowie lyrics on the wall (always a plus) and there are some very well kept, spacious toilets (christ this is becoming a toilet blog).

Grind won’t revolutionise your coffee shop experience, but if you’re looking for somewhere cool to hang out that does great coffee, then get your Grind on.

Ben’s accountant Paul: You’re finishing the review on that cringeworthy sentence?

Ben: Shut up Paul.

☕️ How Pretentious was it? Not bad at all, finally a place with good coffee and no fixie bikes.

☕️ Please god tell me there’s pastries and treats! YES! All the usual stuff, a selection that wasn’t really that exciting to be honest.

☕️ How many of those annoying bulbs without lamp shades dangling from the ceiling? Three in the corner, which is obviously three too many.

☕️ Where? Covent Garden, 42 Maiden Lane.

Overall 9.5/10 ?

? Soundtrack to the review: Absolute Radio // Haim.

? Sony NEX-5R