Two years ago whilst in the shower I had an idea for a sitcom set in a record company.

Since then most weeks I’ve been going to a coffee shop to work on the script (that’s also the origin story of Ben likes coffee), while I’m under no illusions I’m the next Chris Morris or Charlie Brooker, or even that it will ever make it out of the hard drive on my MacBook, It’s really rewarding to have started something from scratch and have a finished copy sat in front of you. Especially throwing in the fact that I’m dyslexic (should that be a capital D? I don’t think so, it’s a condition not a name, so probably not…..then again….we’re getting side tracked).

Anyway turns out being creative is really fucking difficult, you either end up writing some absolute drivel for dialogue that sounds like a 6th form play or you spend 6 pages building up to a joke that you realise isn’t that funny, so you scrap it meaning you’re left with a load of build up and no release, blue ball comedy.

Despite that it also turns out it’s fun to test yourself and try something new, here’s a sample of one of my favourite scenes, thanks for reading.

….and there’s a reason for that awkward silence, which we get to after more shoddy dialogue.