Noel Gallagher – Who Built The Moon?

When Noel released details of this record we instantly saw quotes of ‘Noel has changed his sound’. ‘He’s ‘out-there”, ‘It’s so avant garde’.

None of these are true, it’s just a bit different.

Producer David Holmes has shocked our britpop hero into an urgency that we havent heard since the opening growl of Rock n Roll Star. It’s a varied listen, there’s French pop-Noel, prog rock-Noel, Irish jig-Noel and of course the much awaited penny whistle-Noel in the form of lead single Holy Mountain.

As a massive fan it’s great to see him doing something new but keeping those NG melodies that Britain’s economy was built on in the 90’s. As a side note if you’re really missing a Wonderwall re-hash then look no further than bonus track ‘Dead In The Water’ – which is excellent despite that description. For the rest of us Noel mk II is a very exciting prospect.

Over elaborate rating: 9.3234567

Can’t be arsed to listen, give me a song from it: ‘The Man Who Built The Moon’

Beck – Colours 

We Finally got this record after a 2 year delay and it was well worth the wait. It’s heavy hit after heavy hit (to throw in an outdated Westwood reference). More importantly Beck in full pop mode is so joyous and exactly what the word needs in 2017, it’s like diving into a big ball pit….but the balls are made out of cake.

All produced by man of 2017 Greg Kurstin – more on him in a bit.

Over elaborate rating: 8.999999

Can’t be arsed to listen, give me a song from it: ‘Up All Night’ 

brb I’m just trying to find someone who will make a ball pit of cake balls….

You join me from my pit of cake balls, let’s crack on shall we? Pass the Victoria sponge one…

Liam Gallagher – As You Were 

Who doesn’t love a good comeback?

They (Warner Bros Records) did a brilliant job with Gallagher JR here. He was always going to be taken back into the nations hearts once again, but paring him with some of the words best song writers was a masterstroke. Greg Kurstin and a host of other hitmakers make Liam shine with clever modern production, finally giving him the tunes to match that voice.

The only thing missing is a bit of experimentation, this could easily be the Oasis comeback tour album….’For what it’s worth’ sounds like ‘Stop Crying You Heart Out’ pt 2. In a somewhat ironic moment, what’s missing here is what Noel has done on his record….and vice versa.

Over elaborate rating: 8.888888

Can’t be arsed to listen, give me a song from it: ‘Paper Crown’/ ‘Wall of Glass’


Neon Waltz – Strange Hymns 

This band appear to be restoring the good name of ‘indie rock’ after indie landfill’s assignation attempt.

They wear the influences of The Stone Roses, The Coral and Country music like a badge of honour resulting in a really solid, mature debut.

Over elaborate rating: 8.67843890

Can’t be arsed to listen, give me a song from it: ‘Bare Wood Aisles’

Well done me I did an interview with the band 

Tyler, The Creator – Scum Fuck Flower Boy 

I was never a fan of his before this album, but it’s filled that Kanye shaped hole in my life, NOT JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE RAPPERS, but in terms of the sheer ambition of it all.

This is full of great little intricacies that mean repeated listens to this record are a joy, just like Kanye’s ‘Pablo…’, or ‘My beautiful….’ it’s so fucking lush.

He also has a lot to say, mainly about his sexuality which has been talked to death so we wont dwell on it here. Point being he’s made a really good grown up, intelligent, colourful record.

Over elaborate rating: 9.129487654

Can’t be arsed to listen, give me a song from it: ‘See You Again’

LCD Soundsystem – American Dream 

DO NOT COME BACK AND RUIN EVERYTHING was literally what I yelled at the press release on my computer screen as I read there was going to be a new LCD album. They had the perfect goodbye; great final gig, brilliant final gig movie and strong album. So why come back? Well obviously James Murphy thought he had more to say and with this record he does.

Interestingly it takes their sound to some new areas, it’s surprisingly downbeat and introspective – which has always been their secret weapon. It doesn’t particularly elevate their back catalogue to a new level but it doesn’t sully it either, so I guess that’s a win?

Over elaborate rating: 7.9899988

Can’t be arsed to listen, give me a song from it: ‘Oh Baby’

Declan McKenna – Who Do You Think About The Car?

This is intelligent well made indie pop. He has an interesting insight on a wide range of issues from Suicide to the shit storm that is FIFA. Importantly along side that he has the hooks to match.

Over elaborate rating: 7.81234567

Can’t be arsed to listen, give me a song from it: ‘Why do you feel so down’

Lorde – Melodrama 

This must have been difficult, Lorde conquered the world with the first album, but she doesn’t exactly make records that your mum would buy. The success of that first LP happened for a host of different reasons, but how do you keep being a massive success if your music isn’t as commercial as most of your contemporaries? Well you just concentrate on making really good songs and they’re here in abundance. There’s not a MASSIVE HUGE NUMBER ONE SINGLE, but actually by the end of the album, that doesn’t mater at all.

Over elaborate rating: 7.6999999

Can’t be arsed to listen, give me a song from it: ‘Perfect Places’

The Killers – Wonderful, Wonderful 

The last Killers record was like an aborted wank, it offered so much but ultimately never delivered. This is the opposite, that swag-laden comeback with ‘The Man’ set the tone for a really pleasing return. It’s not all double denim-man-stomp though, there’s some genuinely touching moments dealing with PTSD and writers block.

Sorry about the wanking analogy.

Over elaborate rating: 7.8134567

Can’t be arsed to listen, give me a song from it: ‘Some Kind Of Love’

Royal Blood – How Did We Get So Dark?

We were all shitting it. The story goes: big band has big debut that shakes up the genre, then they come back with album two and it’s a load of guff.

Well thankfully Royal Blood pass the acid test of making a good second album, it manages to be enough of a departure not to be a copy of the first, while at the same time reminding you of why you got drunk and shouted along to ‘Little Monster’ in the first place.

Over elaborate rating: 7.982414

Can’t be arsed to listen, give me a song from it: ‘How did we get so dark?’

Ryan Adams – Prisoner 

Prisoner is Ryan back to his best after a couple of ‘ok-this-is-fine-but-not-that-great’ LPs. It’s based upon Smiths-like guitars, heartfelt lyrics and a delivery that could make even Katie Hopkins bot feel compassion for a fellow human, what’s not to like?

Over elaborate rating: 9.1786543

Can’t be arsed to listen, give me a song from it: ‘Tightrope’

No ‘Tightrope’ on youtube so here’s the single….

Thanks for reading, goodbye from me and my cake ball pit, here’s to being XL in 2018.

Apols for any spelling mistakes in this ‘article’, I’m a dyslexic with bad eyesight